1. One of the main criteria for evaluating any manufacturer on the market is the quality of its products. This term means the ability of the proposed product to fully meet the requirements of the user presented to it.

2. The company "Waterstal" by right is proud of the level of quality of its products and products in general. When manufacturing sanitary fittings, parts, pipes and other goods, we place special emphasis on quality. Due to used polymers (polypropylene and polyvinylchloride), our products are light, durable, durable and absolutely harmless to humans. After all, as is known, polypropylene and PVC are used not only in sanitary engineering, but also in the food industry for making containers and films. An additional parameter that enhances the quality of our products is strict adherence to the production process with minimal human intervention.

3. In the manufacture of siphons, exhausts, flexible hoses and other goods, we use modern technologies for injection molding of plastics, which includes the use of the latest thermoplastic automata manufactured in Italy. Products produced with their help are among the best in the market of Ukraine and Europe. All of the above facts make us the number one choice not only for ordinary buyers who decided to renovate the bathroom, but also for professional plumbers and plumbing installers. Buying products of the company "Waterstal" - you do not need to compromise on quality and prices, you get the best product on the market.