Bulky shower cabins lose their popularity when decorating a modern bathroom, especially when the dimensions of this room are very small. In such cases, the ideal option is to install a shower ladder in the floor under the tile. Which ladder is better to choose and how to properly perform its installation, this article will tell in detail. The gangway is a plastic, metal-plastic or metal plumbing device that is designed to collect and drain sewage from the shower room into the main drain riser. It has a simple convenient design, which is mounted under the waterproof floor. All components of the product are made of anti-corrosion material. In addition to the main purpose, the ladder also has several additional functions:

performs filtration of waste water from large contaminants;

provides full sealing with floor covering;

protects against unpleasant odors emanating from the general sewage system.

The appearance of the sanitary ladders can be oval, rectangular, square or round. According to the design - it is wall, linear or point devices. Prilenochny and linear drainage ladder for the floor is installed at the edges or in the corners of the shower room, and the spot can be located anywhere in the room.

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