skoba.jpgDuring the installation of a warm floor, one of the most difficult and important steps is laying and fixing pipes. To prevent the displacement of the pipes of the warm floor during the pouring and grasping of the screed, the relocation of installers, you need a high-quality and reliable fasteners. The reliable fastening of the pipes will ensure their correct design position, and thus maintain a uniform heat distribution, prevent cases in which one part of the floor will be warmer than the other. The option of fixing the pipes depends on the selected materials for the thermal insulation layer, as the manufacturers offer quite a lot of products with different functionality. There are many ways to fix the warm floor, here are some of them:

1. Fastening of pipes of a warm floor between ledges of expanded polystyrene mats

2. Fixing pipes with special anchor clips

3. Fastening of pipes of a warm floor with the help of mounting laths

4. Fastening the pipes to the metal mesh

What kind of fastening to choose is up to you, and our online store "Waterstal" is at your service.

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