Flexible piping is a necessary and important component in the layout of pipelines in apartments and houses. The invention of this equipment has greatly facilitated this process. The flexibility of the connector allows for easy installation and enables the use in technically complex designs. Nowadays a huge assortment of this kind of products (vibro-hose, flexible piping) allows you to select without any problems what you need and for the working environment that you want to use - from connecting household appliances and sanitary ware to gas and plumbing systems. If we talk about flexible water connections, then they are produced in two types - a rubber version with a metal braid and a corrugated version (bellows hose). The corrugated hose is a corrugated pipe with an inner surface of stainless steel. Thanks to this design and the use of such a coating, the hose has a long service life (25 years) and heat resistant. A more popular type of flexible liner is a rubber hose in a metal sheath. Rubber is non-toxic, which is why such hoses can be used for drinking water.

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