A branch pipe is a small piece of pipe attached (rolled, riveted, welded) to a reservoir and other structures used to connect pipelines and fittings to them for the purpose of drawing gas, vapor or liquid along it. Depending on the type of connection adopted, the free end of the branch pipe is provided with a flange, thread or bell. A branch pipe is called transitional, when it has unequal in shape and shape ends. The branch pipe also connects the pipelines used for transporting working bodies under the influence of a pressure difference. The rigid branch pipe for a toilet bowl is a rigid plastic pipe, which has rubber cuffs at the edges, which ensure tightness of the connection. The product can be either flat or curved. The plastic product provides a rigid fixation. Its main advantage, in addition to mechanical strength, is the lack of propensity to create blockages (in the absence of stretch areas with a horizontal plane). However, they can be used only in those cases when the parameters of the location of the plumbing fixture and the sewer pipe completely correspond to the bend angle of the branch pipe.

Branch pipes

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