komplekt12.jpgAfter you have bought the necessary length of the hose for draining the wastewater from the washing machine, it may turn out that this length is not enough and you will have to buy a new hose that will be longer by 1 m, which of course is not very good and I would like to , since - these are extra costs and the hose will be less idle and will not be used for the intended purpose in your home. Fortunately on our site there is such a group of products as "Accessories" that will help you save money and time. komplekt4.jpgThanks to the accessories, such problems as lengthening the hose will not be a problem. After all, all you need is just buy an extension cord for hoses and without calling the master yourself to lengthen your hose in minutes without doing complicated manipulations. The problems can be different, therefore in our category of components there are different details of the production of TM "Waterstal" that will help you in a certain situation.

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