An inlet hose is an indispensable part of any washing machine or dishwasher. Without this simple but necessary detail, their functioning will be difficult. It is because of this that much attention should be paid to choosing a hose for water filling. In the online store "Waterstal" you can choose from a wide variety of polypropylene hoses from one to five meters in length. The liquid hoses from TM "Waterstal" consist of a multilayer hose to which end parts are attached at both ends. These parts provide an easy and reliable installation, are made of durable plastic and attached to the hose with a swage. Due to the presence of threads, nuts and gaskets inside the threaded connection, reliable protection against leakage at the installation site is ensured. In addition, the hoses are multi-layered and reinforced with a thread, which increases durability, durability and allows to withstand high water pressure in the system. Such hoses are unpretentious in maintenance and are inexpensive. Maintaining their performance or replacement is not a big problem. In our online catalog of filling and filling hoses for washing machines and dishwashers, you can easily find the right one for your requirements.

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