Gas hoses are an excellent alternative to conventional pipes for gas supply to gas appliances in a dwelling. They have excellent flexibility, which makes it possible to mount them in hard-to-reach places, have a large margin of safety and are easy to install. You can buy gas hoses and hoses in the online store "Waterstal". Connecting to the gas network with conventional pipes is difficult. In its course, it is necessary to clearly calculate the position of the equipment, which will be connected and, if necessary, its transfer - it will be necessary to extend or shorten the pipes with a special tool. When using gas hoses, this problem is solved by itself. If something falls over the plate, then you can move it and put it in place, without changing the scheme of the line. And if you need to transfer it to another point in the room - you can replace the gas hose for a longer, because their length of models on sale varies from 0.4 meters to 5 meters in length. The most popular in the market are two types of hoses for gas - with textile and metal braiding. They are most often used when installing gas equipment in private homes and apartments. Due to the properties of vulcanized rubber, which is reinforced with a steel thread, they have a high degree of flexibility, can operate in a temperature range from -35 to 50 degrees Celsius, and also have a four-fold margin of tensile strength. This is a very high figure. Buying a gas hose from TM "Waterstal" you can be assured of its quality and long service life.

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