A siphon for a kitchen sink is a whole system that allows draining water from the sink into the sewer pipe, preventing the odor from entering the room. In addition, the kitchen siphon allows you to screen out solid food particles or other unwanted objects from entering the sewer. This allows to increase the service life of the pipeline, by reducing the amount of deposits and blockages. If necessary, the siphon can be easily removed and cleaned. You can buy quality siphons for car washes in the online store "Waterstal". What are the types of siphons for sinks? Allocate bottle siphons, knee siphons and corrugated siphons. The most popular is the bottle siphon. The main element of the bottle siphon is a flask in which a water seal is formed and all solid waste accumulates. If necessary, you can unscrew the lid of the flask and clean it easily. The knee-like siphons resemble a curved pipe, so that in the area of ​​its bending a cork is formed from the water, which does not allow evaporation from the sewage system. Corrugated siphon is the most inexpensive and versatile option. Due to its flexibility it is possible to easily adjust its length and shape, which is very appropriate in small kitchens. Each type of siphon has its advantages, so carefully approach the choice. Be sure to pay attention to the material of the product, the manufacturer's company and the conditions in which it will be used.

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