Siphon for the shower tray is installed in shower trays, hydraulic boxes, shower corners. Due to the large number of models of pallets, corners and hydraulic boxes, choosing the right siphon is not an easy task. This is due to the fact that each manufacturer makes a hole for the siphon in different parts of the pallet, for example in the center or on the edge. In addition, some pallets can be equipped with a hole for overflow. It is because of these reasons that the siphons differ in their design. In the online store "Waterstal" you can buy any siphon for a shower tray. It is sure to suit you and will last a long time. Siphons for shower trays are divided into regular, automatic and click-clack. Conventional siphons are a conventional drain-overflow system. This is a reliable, simple and, as a rule, a budget option. Automatic siphons adjust the opening of the siphon opening and overflow with the handle. Its rotation ensures the opening of one hole and the simultaneous closing of the other. Siphons with click-clack are the most attractive. They look nice and comfortable to use. When the siphon button is pressed, the discharge opening is opened, and pressing again the button closes it. It is not necessary to bend down, you can easily push with your thumb. Whatever siphon for the shower tray you would not like, in our catalog you will find not only a fully assembled device, but also accessories for its successful operation. With us, your bathroom and kitchen will serve you for many years.

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