Picking up and replacing components in a faulty siphon can be extremely difficult. Often, you have to replace the entire siphon entirely. This is extremely unprofitable. Siphons from ТМ "Waterstal" are deprived of this lack. They consist of interconnected parts, which we produce ourselves. Thanks to the universality of our spare parts, they are used in the manufacture of various types of siphons and are interchangeable. The key to the long service of the siphon without breakdowns and leaks is the care of it. Performing simple procedures for cleaning its parts from plaque, you can always prevent damage, and if necessary, recognize the part in need of replacement. Having found out such detail you can address in our Internet shop and buy the necessary plumbing spare part. Simplicity of construction and installation of our siphons, will allow you to easily restore the efficiency of the siphon in the shortest possible time. Moreover, you can replace a part of the siphon with a newer one, in case you have updated the sink or bathtub, and the old siphon is not suitable. This problem often occurs when assembling custom-made products. The online store "Waterstal" offers a wide range of quality spare parts for siphons and other sanitary equipment. With us your bathroom and kitchen will last for many years.

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