Flexible pipes are often used in plumbing. It can also be a constructive part of the siphon, through which water enters the sewer system. Flexible pipes differ from each other by several criteria: the material of which they are made, the color and the diameter. In the online store "Waterstal" a large selection of flexible pipes available for purchase with a siphon or separately. In addition to the above characteristics, flexible plumbing pipes can be manufactured with or without thread on the end parts. This allows you to choose the most appropriate option for the buyer's option. Corrugated pipes are a separate subset of flexible pipes, which allows not only to regulate its shape, but also its length. This is possible thanks to the corrugation. The standard dimensions for corrugated pipes are the diameters of the end pieces: 32, 40 and 50 mm, and the standard lengths of such pipes are 750 mm and 1350 mm. As a rule, they are made of polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane, and the typical colors for them are gray and white. When operating such products, the pouring of boiling water into the sink should be avoided, as this can lead to softening of the pipe. Otherwise, these pipes are extremely durable and reliable. If you need a simple installation, reliable in operation and a universal pipe, then you should choose flexible pipes.

Flexible pipes

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