The outlet is a structural part of the siphon, which is installed in the drain neck and connected to the central part of the siphon. The connection is made using a special nut. On sale there are siphons with built-in release and without it. This is one of the features on which you can understand that before you a quality product - in a quality siphon or sink release will always go in the kit. But do not be discouraged if it is not so. You can always buy issues for siphons in the online store "Waterstal". The standard edition is a simple clip made of plastic with filter gratings made of metal. Of course, there are more expensive options, made with particular scrupulousness and amazing beauty, but this significantly affects their price and popularity among buyers. A popular model in the sanitary ware market is the release with an adjustable valve that closes the drain hole. This valve needs to be replaced after a certain period of time, as it can become unusable and begin to leak water. The main feature that should be taken into consideration when buying a siphon outlet is its diameter. If the wrongly selected issue is installed in the sink, then there will be no sense from it. Therefore, make measurements in advance and do not rely on the case.


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