The sanitary cuff serves to connect the toilet outlet to the sewer pipe branch. Cuffs are of two types - eccentric and corrugated. Popular materials for their manufacture are polypropylene and polyethylene. Buy quality sanitary cuffs from the Ukrainian manufacturer you can in the online store "Waterstal". When installing the toilet bowl, its outlet does not always ideally fit the opening in the sewage system, this is often observed when using the toilet bowl with a straight or vertical neck. To eliminate these discrepancies, you can replace the sewer pipe with a more suitable one, but this is very difficult and not cheap. The best option is to use cuffs and plums. When choosing the right cuff, you need to pay attention to several details: the diameter of the product, its length and whether this model is eccentric. If the diameter is clear from the beginning, then the necessary length should be measured beforehand, so that the toilet bowl does not stand too far. If you do not have enough cuffs, then this can be corrected by installing an additional part - a drain. If necessary, align the toilet outlet with the hole in the sewer network, which is located too at a different height, an eccentric cuff should be used. Due to its shape, it will be able to connect the output of the bowl of the toilet bowl and the sewerage network. Ease of installation, long service life and low price are indisputable advantages for using polypropylene cuffs in plumbing work.


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