Sanitary hoses are a hollow flexible tube designed to transport water or gas to or from an appliance. Often, such hoses are used when bringing water to mixers, washing machines, shower cabins and other elements of the bathroom and kitchen. This is due to the fact that it is not always convenient to use pipes as a liner. Buy plumbing hoses for water and gas you can in the online store "Waterstal". The main advantage of hoses in front of the pipes is their flexibility. Due to this property it is much easier to organize the water supply, and then to hide it behind the decor elements. During transportation, hoses are also much more convenient than pipes. They can be rolled up and they will not take up too much space. Installation and removal of the hose from the water supply system, in comparison with the pipes, is also much easier. Depending on the type of threaded connection used on the particular hose model and the installation site, it can be mounted and dismantled with bare hands or with a tool. When choosing a hose, pay attention to the following details: the material from which the hose is made - it should be non-toxic rubber; the presence of a braid - significantly improves the performance of the hose and gives a more attractive appearance; presence of connections - on quality hoses there is always a crimping of the ends; gaskets - the availability of quality seals in the hose design; temperature and pressure - select the hose based on the conditions of its operation; type of connection and hose dimensions - carefully study the installation site where the hose will be connected, determine the type of thread, the required hose length and its diameter. Following these simple tips, you can choose a sanitary hose for supplying water and gas in our product catalog.


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