Siphon - this is one of the key parts of the water pipe in the human dwelling. Its function is to drain liquid into the sewage system, to prevent unpleasant smells from entering the room and sometimes to filter solid waste from entering the water supply. There are different models of siphons, which can only be used in combination with specific sanitary elements. For example, siphons for a sink, a sink, a bathroom, a shower cabin, a washing machine or a dishwasher. Buy them you can in the online store "Waterstal". In addition to the aforementioned subspecies of siphons, they are still divided into bottle and knee. Bottle siphons in their design have a pipe that serves to drain and is connected to the drain hole of the plumbing fixture, and release. It is connected to the sewage system. This type of siphon is most often used in the installation of shells. The knee siphons look like a U or S-shaped pipe. They are mounted under a bath, shower, urinal or built right into the toilet. But all the siphons are united by the fact that their work is based on a water trap, which successfully prevents the penetration of unpleasant odors into the room. Siphon acts as an intermediary between the sink and the sewer system, which means that a lot of water passes through it, which is not clean at all. Due to unevenness inside the siphon and a large number of different impurities in the running water, various precipitations can form inside it. They can significantly worsen the capacity of the siphon. Therefore, you need to monitor the quality of its robots and clean it in time.


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