Sewage system is an important part of the modern infrastructure of the settlement. It includes many different parts, but it starts with the dwelling of each person. It is for its organization and maintenance in proper condition that it is necessary to purchase the best sewage pipes, plums, cuffs and reductions. It is these necessary plumbing parts that you will find and will be able to buy in the online store "Waterstal". Our products will last you for many years and will not allow leaks or the passage of unpleasant odors into the room. Sewage systems are divided into three types: systems and facilities for cleaning, external and internal sewage. Internal sewerage is a set of systems and equipment that collects sewage within the home and directs them to central sewerage systems. What are these systems and equipment? These are water supply devices, for example, toilet bowls and sinks, water supply systems and local treatment facilities. For the proper operation of the entire internal sewage system, it is necessary to use high-quality plumbing parts made of the best raw materials, for example, from PVC or polypropylene. Here you can not save, because in case of a leak you can incur serious material losses. Therefore, use sewage piping from polypropylene to change the angle of the direction of the pipeline, be sure to correctly install the drains and cuffs, seal the slots with silicone or other means, and also for the transitions between pipes of different diameters, use a reduction. Observance of simple instructions for the installation and operation of these parts, as well as their timely replacement, will allow you to use the sewage system without problems for many years.


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