The toilet bowl is one of the necessary parts of a modern bathroom and a toilet bowl in particular. Thanks to the operation of this simple mechanism, reliable operation of the sewage system in your home is ensured. That is why it is important to pay attention to the choice of a quality waste tank for the toilet bowl and fittings for it. The armature is of two types: rod-type, it's exhaust, and push-button. The rod fittings carry out the descent of the water by raising the lever, and the button valve by pressing the button. The most popular now button versions, they look great in any interior and in turn are divided into button type into one-piece buttons, with a double start point and fittings with a button that has a dual function. One-button push-buttons perform the descent of all water after pressing, the fittings with a double trigger point allow you to lower a part of the water from the tank or all at once, and the fitting with a button with a dual function with one push starts the water drain and completes the second one. Floating valve systems are divided into several types: Croydon, Piston and Membrane. Croydon system is the oldest and easiest in maintenance and repair, but now the valve with such a float system is not produced. The piston system is a little more complicated than the crooked one, with the only difference that the hole through which the tank is filled is covered by a special piston with a gasket. The most popular nowadays is a locking mechanism with a membrane. Such a system reliably protects the tank from the deposition of various impurities in the water, but requires regular replacement of the silicone or rubber membrane. Buy all the necessary parts for repair of the toilet bowl or accessories for it in the online store "Waterstal".


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